“Good Cleaning” laundry is a service business that aims for improving hygiene in the ger area of Ulaanbaatar. During the past four years since its opening, the service has already reached its target customers and established regular customer base. We are proud of offering reasonable prices and timely services in order for our customers to save time and money while we are also aiming for reducing soil pollution risk caused by wastewater disposals in the ger district areas. 

Location of our branches

Songinokhairkhan district- 17 branches

Chingeltei district-  6 branches              

Sukhbaatar district- 7 branches

Bayanzurkh district- 3 branches
Bayangol district   -   7 branches

Нийт                                          40 цэг

Currently, our laundry service is offered at 40 branches in 5 districts. Going forward, we plan to expand our branch networks to provide our services in wider area.

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