Goodsharing LLC

1502, 15th floor, M Plaza,

5th sub-district, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Phone: (+976) 7611-0121, 7611-0321

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Нийгэмд бий болгож буй үнэ цэнэ

Our services create the following positive values in the society:

Environment and Health:

To help reduce airborne infectious disease caused by soil and environmental pollution from household wastewater;

Society and Households:

To increase the quality time spent with the family by reducing the cleaning errands;

To reduce the time spent for water fetching for children to have more time to study. Survey indicated that teenagers usually fetch water for their families.

Household Finance:

Collaboration with businesses nearby the target customers enables increased opportunity for stable income generation.

Service is offered to more than 4,000 customers (duplicated count) under cheaper prices compared with similar services.