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The “Good Heating” briquette factory was launched in May 2015 on a pilot basis at Uliastai factory, a branch of Good Sharing LLC.  In 2016, 151 tons of smoke-free briquettes were produced and supplied to more than 300 households in Uliastai. The briquettes are cheap and produces less ash because of its full combustion. We are now working to further improve these economical briquettes to supply for the ger district households of Ulaanbaatar.

Test result tests at the Mining and petroleum central laboratory under the Department of mineral resources and petroleum and the “ALS”, an internationally recognized laboratory indicates that “Good Heating” briquettes fully meet MNS 5679:2019 and MNS 5216:2019 solid fuel standards.

Fully combustible with less ash

Two hours longer lasting

Recycled product

Phone :9595-0121