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There are approximately 197,000 ger district households in the municipality. If we assume that each household consumes three tons of coal per year, overall consumption of coal reaches 600,000 tons which generate:

- 578,384 tons of greenhouse gas

- 304,414 tons of carbon monoxide

- 3,096 tons of fly ash to pollute air and soil.

In addition, research indicates that a ger district household spends 45-75% of the income on fuel in the wintertime. G-Saver can contribute to solve this problem.


By using G-Saver, heat accumulator:

§  Heat retention in ger extends by slowing down the airflow.

§  It allows full combustion that reduces the emission to air.

§  As a result of extension of average duration of fire burning in the stove and reduced frequency between the fire-making, fuel cost can be reduced by 45%.  

batalsan eh (2).jpg
Test Result

This graph shows an experimental result on heating duration when ger inner temperature is over 20°C with the traditional stove. With G-saver, a heat accumulator, heating duration was  7hours 13minutes while, without G-Saver, it was 4hours 59minutes. 

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