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Customer Satisfaction
“Let’s stay warm with G-Saver, heat accumulator in the winter time”

I used to use two small truck amount coal in the winter time. Thanks to G-Saver, the heat accumulator, I stayed warm using one small truck amount coal in this winter. Previously, fire stopped burning after three hours. But now, the fire stops burning after five or six hours. G-Saver, heat accumulator is a product which saves fuel cost. Dust and smoke were decreased. I think that this product would be beneficial to other families. Therefore, I want you to distribute your products to more families. I would like to thank to G-Saver, heat accumulator that saved my fuel cost and helped me stay warm in the winter time.   

Ch.Tserenkhuu, citizen, 7th sub-district, Chingeltei district

“Beneficial Product”

J.Khukhuu, citizen, 7th sub-district, Chingeltei district

My family has seven members. We moved to Ulaanbaatar two years ago. We have been using G-Saver, heat accumulator for a year. Previously, my family used 1 bag of coal and 1 bag of wood on a daily basis. Now, we use one bag of coal and one bag of wood for three days. I spent my pension money much on fuel. After using G-Saver, heat accumulator, I don’t need to worry about my fuel cost. This product is helping me much since I survive on my pension. For old person like me, it is easy to use and clean, and it is light to carry. Smoke was much inside the ger previously but now it is reduced. I express my gratitude to the Good Neighbors and the Good Sharing who manufactured and distributed G-Saver to local people. May your business prosper in the years to come.

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